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Micheal Shellenberger - Break Through: Why We Can't Leave the Planet to the Environmentalists


Political strategist Micheal Shellenberger discusses his book, "Break Through: Why We Can't Leave the Planet to the Environmentalists," at Cambridge Forum. Shellenberger questions whether climate change policy is moving in the right direction, and argues that the environmentalist movement is not equipped to handle the issue.

An Orangutan's...
(Media / An Orangutan's Journey)

Her name is Green, she is alone in a world that doesn't belong to her. She is a female

Full Scientist...
(Media / Full Scientist Interviews: Theodore Scambos)

Theodore Scambos is a Senior Research Associate for the Cooperative Institute for

Koko, a talking...
(Media / Koko, a talking gorilla (sub.ita) 9/9)

(an English translation follows this text)KOKO, UN GORILLA CHE PARLA è uno straordinario


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