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Cross River Gorilla Conservation


The North Carolina Zoo's commitment to wildlilfe extends far beyond its gates. A case in point is the Zoo's work on behalf of the Cross River Gorilla, a unique species found only in the remote highlands of Nigeria and Cameroon. Dr. Richard Bergl, the Zoo's Curator of Conservation and Research, has been working for the last ten years to learn more about this deeply endangered animal. Once considered extinct due to the impacts of habitat loss and hunting, the Cross River Gorilla now numbers about 300 individuals. Dr. Bergl, in conjunction with government agencies and other conservation organizations, has developed a research program designed to better understand what habitat remains for the species, and to understand how the species itself is distrubuted within that habitat. Using a variety of technologies, including satellite imagery and handheld computers, the Cross River Gorilla team is collecting valuable data that will be used to ensure the survival of the species far into the future.

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