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M, the Koi Whisperer "Being Blue" Aquatic Project


Early morning with M on location for one of her "KWS Being Blue Aquatic Projects" where the Koi Whisperer Sanctuary again recycles all materials from a pond that needs to be taken down and re-uses them in a purposeful way that helps keep materials out of land fills, and reworks the stone and plant materials in new designs. Building a new Koi pond from restored stone materials not only helps the company, but materials are also donated to The Koi Whisperer Sanctuary which helps us continue our work here for the Koi. Vito Brandonisio, President of Ashland Flooring contacted M about the projects she does in helping businesses that are relocating and recycling materials that will enable him to restore and rebuild at his new location. It is an environmental issue that is of a great concern to M, not only that that Koi are safe and either placed into the Adopt a Koi program or held at the KWS, but that the materials used to create ponds are kept out of the landfills! The plants, stones and materials are re-used whether by the business in their re-designing or are donated to help KWS help others. As M learned from Master Japanese Garden designer Hoichi Kurisu, every plant, every stone has an energy and needs to be respected and taken care of with the highest respect and integrity. With The Koi Whisperer's Being Blue aquatic project, the living water environments will not only find home for the Koi, but will re-home the materials that created this indoor aquatic system. The Koi Whisperer Sanctuary wishes to thank Vito Brandonisio of Ashland Flooring for his insight and concerns to being green for the environment and for his generosity with donating materials to the KWS; to all the employees at Ashland Flooring who helped us achieve this goal and make a difference with recycling materials, and to The Koi Whisperer Sanctuary's construction crew who worked diligently in lifting and relocating materials on this Being Blue Aquatic Project!! Zen Living by design! video filmed on M's iphone 4 copyright 2012 M, The Koi Whisperer MaryEllen Malinowski, Fouunder of The Koi Whisperer Sanctuary

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