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China: World Class Transport and Sustainable Development


ITDP has promoted bus rapid transit (BRT) in China for nearly a decade, and now works in Guangzhou, Harbin, and Lanzhou. After five years of working on developing BRT in Guangzhou, the first corridor recently opened to international acclaim in February 2010, and already has nearly quadruple the passenger capacity of any other BRT system in Asia.

Non-motorized transport initiatives, with a focus most recently on bike sharing and bike network and facility planning, are another key work area for ITDP in China. We are also in contact with major urban planning, design, and engineering firms, as well as government organizations in order to advocate for transit-oriented development and high-quality, pedestrian-oriented urban design. ITDP is currently documenting best practices in urban development in the Pearl River Delta, with case study developments from Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen.

Other program areas include car parking policy and city center livability improvements. ITDP is also developing walking tours in Guangzhou to promote non-motorized models of urban development.

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