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Millions Killing Wild Animals


These people will pay almost hundreds of thousands of dollars to go on safari to kill a beloved animal.
The Internet literally exploded when Zimbabwe’s favorite lion, Cecil, was killed by Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota. According to Palmer, he paid $50,000 to kill an African lion. His “guides” tied a dead body to their truck and lured Cecil out of a protected national park where Palmer shot him with his crossbow. Cecil survived, but he wandered the safari for 40 hours with an arrow inside him before Palmer fatally shot him and then beheaded him. Palmer apparently didn’t see the radio collar that was attached to Cecil by researchers from Oxford. Zimbabwe is looking for Palmer, even though killing a lion is technically not illegal.
People all over the world are outraged, and Palmer is the most hated man in the world. He has had to go into hiding and closed his dental practice. His actions have caused others of his kind, known as trophy hunters, to go into hiding as well. In this video are ten of the most evil animal hunters. 

Killing animals, Walter Palmer, Eric & Donald Trump, Jr.

Bob Parson, Kristen Lindsey, Kendall Jones, Melissa Bachman


Rebecca Francis, Jan Seski, Sabrina Corgatelli

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