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Insight to Global Change: EOS/SAR Mission


This video presentation describes the methods and instrumentation used to help in determining future climate changes on Earth and explains the benefits of experimentation with synthetic aperture radar (SAR). It also gives a better understanding of the burning of fossil fuels, deterioration of the biosphere and deforestation of the rain forest which causes the greenhouse effect. Released June 1990.

The Last Ocean -...
(Media / The Last Ocean - Official Trailer)

The Ross Sea, Antarctica is the world's most untouched and intact marine ecosystem. Scientists

Saving the Coral...
(Media / Saving the Coral Reef)

This is my "Change the World" project for my school environmental science class.

World Food Day...
(Media / World Food Day 2012 video feature: Agricultural Cooperatives -- Key to Feeding the World)

For people working in all areas of agriculture, all over the world, cooperatives and


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