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Ena Vie's official Earth Prayer Music Video with Ho'oponopono by Ena Vie & Howard Lipp


The Earth Prayer Project is a movement -- of healing -- and it is an intention to take action to make right our relationships with each other and with the earth. The song "Earth Prayer" is a song for healing, forgiveness, gratitude and love for all of creation. Woven into the song's chorus is the powerful Ho'oponopono prayer mixed with added lyrics by Ena Vie : I'm sorry, Forgive me, (I offer this healing) I love you and thank you -- amen I'm sorry, Forgive me, (an open heart I bring) I love you and thank you -- amen This song was written by singer/songwriter Ena Vie and produced, arranged and co-created with Howard Lipp. The Earth Prayer Project creates music to support our healing while simultaneously supporting Non-Profits who are working toward the betterment of the earth, through clean and sustainable water projects and environmental activism. 50% of the net proceeds of the song "Earth Prayer" will go to support socially and environmentally conscious Non-Profits. The other 50% goes to support Earth Prayer Project's mission to continue creating music that assists others. Thank you for your support! For more, please go to: Thanks to Director Rebecca Hu for her service, talent and open-heartedness that she brought to the project! And Darshana Thacker for her beautiful, traditional dancing to Mother Earth! copyright axis mundi entertainment 2012

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The Ross Sea, Antarctica is the world's most untouched and intact marine ecosystem. Scientists

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This is my "Change the World" project for my school environmental science class.

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