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Acid Test: Are the Oceans Already Lost?


This video describes the threat that climate change and ocean acidification will have on marine life, especially coral reefs, if we do not transition to a low carbon economy. The continued use of fossil fuels is making our oceans more acidic, making it difficult for marine life such as corals, crabs, lobsters, clams, oysters and others to make their calcium carbonate skeletons and shells. Oceana has provided guidance for how much we need to reduce our carbon emissions and laid a framework for how to do it. Developed countries need to substantially reduce carbon emissions in the next decade as a start. To learn more about ocean acidification and how to help stop it, visit

The Last Ocean -...
(Media / The Last Ocean - Official Trailer)

The Ross Sea, Antarctica is the world's most untouched and intact marine ecosystem. Scientists

Death of Coral Reefs
(Media / Death of Coral Reefs)

A short video made to promote Coral Reef awareness Not-Interesting Facts: -80% of the picture

World Food Day...
(Media / World Food Day 2012 video feature: Agricultural Cooperatives -- Key to Feeding the World)

For people working in all areas of agriculture, all over the world, cooperatives and


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