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Sauta Cave Bat Emergence


Located in NE Alabama, the Sauta Cave National Wildlife Refuge provides protection for the federally endangered gray bat, which uses the cave as a summer roosting site. On rain-free summer evenings, about 250,000 bats emerge from the cave, making it the largest emergence of bats east of the Mississippi River. Visitors are strongly encouraged to bring a poncho and umbrella for protection from falling guano. Having over a quarter of a million bats fly out of a cave right above your head is something that really needs to be seen in person to fully appreciate.

Arctic sea ice...
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Scientists from the US Government's National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) overnight

DamNation | Trailer
(Media / DamNation | Trailer)

Ninety-nine years after Olympic National Park’s Elwha River was illegally dammed, wild Chinook

Give ClearWater,...
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Chevron refuses to clean up its oil contamination in the Ecuadorean Amazon. How can you help


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