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Nonprofit Organizations

Through these nonprofit organizations that are Earth Protect’s resource partners, you can connect to others that share a concern about the environmental issues you care about.

You can easily participate in helping them achieve their missions through their programs, volunteering and making donations. We are proud to introduce you to them and encourage you to learn about them. Get involved, it's your world.

Disclaimer for Nonprofits
Earth Protect does not officially guarantee that any of the nonprofit organizations referenced on the Earth Protect website are suitable for support or engagement. If you desire to support, financially or otherwise, any of the organizations referenced on the Earth Protect web site, it is your responsibility to conduct due diligence and make your own determination as to the suitability of that organization for your support.

Thank you for your interest in and involvement with the Earth Protect community.

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Tree Musketeers

El Segundo, CA, 305 Richmond Street, USA, 90245

Tree Musketeers

Thirteen Brownie Girl Scouts sat around the freshly planted Marcie the Marvelous Tree on May 9, 1987 dreaming up a plan to help the Earth. The third graders set out on a journey that came to be known as Tree Musketeers - a youth environmental organizat ...

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