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The Thunderbolt Group

description of products or services :

The Thunderbolt Group is a team of people that have a deep understanding of the Internet and have been working in its trenches for many years. Our strengths lie in web media. Planning, buying, syndicating, evaluating product, selling, devising strategy, reviewing vendors, implementing technology or services...if it has to do with web/digital media, we have done it.

Company Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
street address : 9090 S. Ridgeline Blvd. Suite 205
City: Highlands Ranch
State: CO
Postal code: 80129
Phone: no phone
green standards or policies :

Thunderbolt currently manages hundreds of search marketing campaigns for our clients. We deal directly with dedicated account teams at the major Search engines like Google and Yahoo and also implement campaigns on other emerging search distribution channels. Our focus in this practice is using our expertise to bring the most efficient traffic to our clients' web sites based on the metrics that are important to them.
These goals are often very different on a client by client basis, and not all "traffic" is created equal. We boil it down to two types of traffic: (Followed by what might be a client definition of the terms.)

  • Cheap Traffic - "Doesn't matter who, doesn't matter how, just send us visitors."
  • High Quality Traffic - "Doesn't matter how, just as long as they are real and stick around and do what we want them to do and don't cost too much."

Generally speaking, the latter type of traffic costs more to bring to your site, but we will work with you to ensure that the economics work for your business.
What's different about how we do search?

  1. We use our experience with both the teams at the search engines and their technologies to maximize efficiencies very quickly.
  2. We find out in advance exactly what the client (hopefully you) wants, and we dial in the campaigns to reach those goals. This is always a fun and exciting process, because a lot of times our clients are not sure what they want, and we know how to help.
  3. We deliver on those goals, knowing that they may change over time. We have worked in this business long enough to know that launch goals are not the same as ongoing campaign goals or even that overall strategies can and do change. We are flexible enough to manage campaigns based on new directives very quickly.
country : United States
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