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Genetically Engineered Salmon Safe, FDA Says


FDA says that genetically engineered salmon are safe.

A species of genetically engineered salmon that grow faster than regular salmon are safe to eat and would not cause any environmental disruptions, according to a new report by the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA. 

The genetically modified fish, known as AquAdvantage salmon, can grow twice as fast as naturally born salmon, thanks to a growth hormone gene from the Chinook species that was added to the DNA genome of the altered salmon. 

If the FDA does approve the salmon for sale, it would be the first genetically modified animal product available on the US market, and could open the door for other genetically engineered meat projects to try and break onto the consumer market. 

Environmentalists are concerned that the modified salmon might overrun native species of fish if they were to accidentally be released into the wild, and skeptics say the tests that were performed on the fish to assess their safety were not adequate to fully understand the potential effects of the AquAdvantage salmon.

Senator Mark Begish from Alaska said: "I will fight tooth and nail with my Alaska colleagues to make sure consumers have a clear choice when it comes to wild and sustainable versus lab-grown science projects." 

Do you think the genetically modified salmon should be available to consumers?



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