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Water The Lifeblood of Life


Water, The Lifeblood of Energy" describes the connection between water and energy and how cities and utilities across the western United States are using combinations of collaboration, conservation, and new technology to squeeze more use out of every precious drop of water.

"All types of energy require water. With the greater need for energy, the demand for water will continue to increase," said Executive Producer and EERC Senior Research Manager Bethany Kurz. "How can we balance the need for water in energy with water for crops, households, and industries? How can we make do with the water we have? These are all critical questions addressed throughout the documentary."

"Energy and water are inseparable issues," said EERC Director Gerald Groenewold. "Energy is totally dependent on water and vice versa. We have traditionally taken water for granted, and we cannot afford to do that any longer. It has to be considered in terms of energy production and distribution," he said.

Groenewold added that there will be ever-increasing conflicts between the energy industry, municipalities, and agriculture industry over the same water sources. "An intelligent, objective approach leading to water use strategies needs to be developed to provide long-term sustainability for each of these associated stakeholders," he said.

"Water: The Lifeblood of Energy" is a production of Prairie Public Broadcasting, in collaboration with the EERC's Northern Great Plains Water ConsortiumĀ® (NGPWC).
The NGPWC is a partnership between the EERC, the U.S. Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), and key stakeholders representing power generation utilities, oil and gas companies, industry, municipalities, and other entities interested in addressing critical water issues in the north-central United States.

Funding for the documentary is provided by NETL, NGPWC partners, and the members of Prairie Public.

To learn more about the water--energy nexus and innovative options for water treatment, reuse, and conservation, please visit the NGPWC Web site at

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