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Urban Gobec

Urban Gobec

What are they doing to us!?!?
Chemtrails, Contrails, H.A.A.R.P., they can all be ˝destroyed˝ with orgone energy.
Goverment is lying to us, and trying to convince us whit things that in practice don't have any sence. And most of us belive them... They are doing experiments on humans. Earth is huge lab and we are mices, rats, whatever... For them we are junk, that must be cleaned. What they want is to have us under control. 1st one that figures that out, will rule the world. Period

Posted by on in Sustainable Development
Scientists in Lyon, a French city famed for its cuisine, have discovered a quick-cook recipe for copious volumes of hydrogen (H2). The breakthrough suggests a better way of producing the hydrogen that propels rockets and energizes battery-like fuel cells. In a few decades, it could even help the wo...
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Posted by on in Climate Change
Earlier this week, President Obama followed up on the promise he made in his State of the Union Address, to take action on climate change even if Congress wouldn’t. Specifically, he said, “if Congress won’t act soon to protect future generations, I will.” Why would Congress be so recalcitrant on an...
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