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Breathing Healthier Air, EPA lowers sulfer dioxide.

Thank goodness, finally after 40 yrs the Environmental Protection Agency, US, issued standards that lower the acceptable levels of sulfur-dioxide emissions and increase the intervals the gas is monitored. With asthma and other respiratory disease on the rise especially in children and the elderly, this is good news.

It means a savings of $13B annually up to $33B annually and prevention of 2,300 to 5,900 premature deaths and 54,000 asthma attacks a year. WHY do we think we can carelessly pump chemicals into the air with no effect on ourselves and I wonder about wildlife and pets, other living things with smaller bodies and greater vulnerability. We need to get that we are the environment, our bodies are made up of what we breath and what we eat and touch. We need a full scale campaign to reduce routine and careless use of chemicals in so many products.

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