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What You Can Do About Air Pollution in China?

Air pollution affects millions of people, not just in China and Hong Kong but in big cities all over the world. It’s important to educate yourself about the causes and impacts of air pollution, as well as the air quality in your neighborhood, so as to better protect yourself and your family.

You can take action to help improve air quality. Every little bit helps:

  • Take the subway or bus, walk or bike: Vehicle exhaust is responsible for much of local roadside pollution in traffic-dense cities – many of which also have excellent public transportation systems.
  • If you are buying a car, look for a fuel-efficient model(burning less fuel produces less emissions) or an electric or a hybrid model.
  • Save electricity: This can help reduce pollution if your electricity is generated by coal-fired power plants. You can save electricity by switching to energy-efficient LED lighting, buying energy efficient appliances and many other ways.
  • Wear a N95 mask: Not only will it protect you, it will help send the message to other citizens that the air is dangerously polluted, and something does have to be done about it!
  • Make a donation to support our work against air pollution.

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