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India : A population bloat

According to the Indian census, carried out in 2011, the population of India was exactly 1,210,193,422, which means India has crossed the 1-billion mark. This is the second most populous country of the world after China and the various studies have projected that India will be world’s number-1 populous country, surpassing China, by 2025. In spite of the fact that the population policies, family planning and welfare programmes undertaken by the Govt. of India have led to a continuous decrease in the fertility rate, yet the actual stabilization of population can take place only by 2050.

Causes of Over Population in India

The two main common causes leading to over population in India are:

  • The birth rate is still higher than the death rate. We have been successful in declining the death rates but the same cannot be said for birth rates.
  • The fertility rate due to the population policies and other measures has been falling but even then it is much higher compared to other countries.

The actual problem is that India's population cannot be fully utilized as a human resource hub;causes are many illiteracy,poverty,unawareness ,to name a few.

China has implemented various schemes curbing any further population growth.But these lack in the poverty stricken-developing nation of India.

Overpopulation in India is leading to the following issues :

  • Unemployment
  • Manpower utilization
  • Pressure on infrastructure
  • Resource utilization
  • Decreased production and increased costs
  • Inequitable income distribution


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