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Earth Day End Plastic Pollution QUIZ

Good Life Guide, The  Denver Post, April 18, 2018 

As we prepare to celebrate Earth Day April 22nd, test your knowledge of plastic's effect on the planet. 

1. How long can it take for a plastic bag to decompose in the ocean? 5 yrs, 10 yrs, 15 yrs, 20 Yrs 

2. How much water is required to produce a plastic water bottle including the filtered water inside? 2 x the amount 

of water in bottle, 3 x, 5 x, or the same amount of water as in the bottle. 

3. As of 2015, how much of the plastic produced in the US has been recycled? 35%, 17%, 9%, 4%

4. How many states have at least one mandatory recycling law? 25, 22, 42, 50

5. How many plastic drinking straws do Americans use per day? 1 million, 300 million, 500 million, 5 million

Scroll for answers  


1. Up to 20 yrs 

2. 3 x the amount of water in the bottle

3. 9%

4. 22 states

5. 500 million straws per day 


Ok Earth Protector, Now you can help us do better, go strawless, use reuseable water bottles, recycle and support mandatory recycling, use 

reuseable bags and spread the word. Make this your Earth Day  pledge and live it. 




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