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Posted by on in Green Products/Services
By Jack Ewing © The New York Times Co. Europeans bought more electric cars than diesels in December — a stunning illustration of the growing popularity of battery power and the decline of diesel, which was once the most popular engine option in Europe. More than 20% of new cars sold in Europe and...
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Posted by on in Agriculture
The so-called "Green Revolution" that William Gaud, Former Director of the US Agency for International Development, was so strongly advocating, includes the extensive use of insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, large-scale irrigation, increased used of fossil-fuels and mono- ...
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Posted by on in Clean Technology
Technology is often touted as the savior that will rescue us from our misbegotten ways, redeem us and put us on the track to utopia. Then there are the dystopian views, where the future is dominated by technology that either rules over us or saps us so completely of our humanity that we might as we...
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