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What are you doing to be green?

Let me start, my latest is to keep wall plugs unplugged until I need the light or appliance.
Discussion started by GreenDog , on 4165 days ago
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Have you tried turning power bars on and off which is recommended, it causes a delay for cable tv but it might work for the computers on the week-ends?
3170 days ago
Good stuff, it all helps Mixie. I group my trips and plan a shorter route, saves me gas money and time and of course reduces my car emissions. Hey get some friends to join, let's see what kind of a list we can get so each of us can keep doing better at sustainable living.
4026 days ago
Carpooling is a big one for me. But if I can I simply stay home rather then going to the store for one or two things. I'm using reusable grocery bags but have also been conscious of the plastic bage I use in the store for fruits and veggies. I keep the old ones in the reusable bags and use them again on the next trip.
4026 days ago
Hey MiddleWay, I do a lot of that too. Trying to avoid AC this summer but working on the 3rd floor makes it hard when it gets over 90 degrees, but I have tried cool packs and a fan. Most days I can do without it. I am not a veggie entirelybut I am eating less meat too. Its all good stuff and I support environmental causes as much as I can. I donated to the Gulf Oil Spill Fund on this site. People are not helping people as much as they could with this disaster, think they might be thinking well its up to BP. But meanwhile, families are loosing homes, moving away, dumping pets, have health problems and I feel for them a lot. Anyone care to match my donation, it is $20 but you can give $5 minimum. See you in donations?
4074 days ago
buying less which results in throwing away less, recycling more, becoming vegetarian (eating less meat), driving a high mpg vehicle and trying to combine trips, carpooling when possible, shorter showers, fans instead of a/c, putting on more clothes before heating the house, reusable grocery bags, enjoying the local outdoors more.
4075 days ago
no need to flush every time, my Grandson says if its yellow let it mellow, if its brown flush it on down.
4117 days ago
It is not the prettiest of replies, but what I'm doing to be green lately, especially because California's water reserve is down 50%, is... only flushing the toilet every two or three times it is used. Also, lathering up and shaving in shower with water off, only turning on the water to rinse.
4120 days ago
Baronwasteland, good going, and see it did pay off for your pocket too. I xeroscaped both front and back yard, its looks good and I did not even have sprinklers on last summer and all the plantings lived and grew. Got $500 rebate.
4121 days ago
I installed a rain barrel, switched to CFL's, removed all my grass and planted a sustainable, climate appropriate garden that will keep rainfall in my yard instead of the storm drains. I also put in water saving fixtures throughout the house.

My water company gave me a rebate of $1 per sq. ft for turf removal. My rebate came to about $950.
4122 days ago
I have a motor running outside and have used toggles that time to motor on and off and am experimenting on how few hours I can run it a day and still keep the function going. I saved $50 in the first month I tried this. So proving good environmental practices can also be good for your wallet. Tell me what you are doing group members.
4122 days ago
I have changed my light bulbs to more efficient ones, what else are you doing?
4122 days ago
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