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Living Green

Living Green
Thursday, 25 February 2010
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  • Have you tried turning power bars on and off which is recommended, it causes a delay for cable tv but it might work for the computers on the week-ends
    groups.discussion.reply 4181 days ago
  • It becomes ever more important we live green in all the ways we can, hope we can all add some new green living habits this year and inspire others to do the same.
    groups.wall 4189 days ago
  • IDEP one of the nonprofits on Earth Protect specializes in permaculture, check them out in the Nonprofits section, right below the banner on the home page you will find this section then scroll down. They are very active in Indonesia.
    groups.wall 4523 days ago
  • I am passionate about permaculture, a way to design human systems sustainably. The core of permaculture are the 3 ethics, Earth care, People care and Fair share. Earth care is understanding the intrinsic value of everything on our planet, people, animals, plants, soil, water and air. People care is caring about each other, starting with honoring yourself and then treating everyone as the family we all are. Fair share is sharing the surplus back to the earth and to people. Not over consuming or producing. We can change the world and again become in balance with nature.
    groups.wall 4652 days ago
Sharing how we all live green in our daily lives.
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