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Grant Barbeito, award-winning filmmaker, was inspired to found Earth Protect. He gained his vision from seeing how the film “Dolphin Defender”, produced by Hardy Jones, was the impetus for changes across the planet to protect dolphins. This example strengthened Grant’s understanding of the power of film to raise awareness, which is the starting point for achieving effective changes in policies and practices regarding sustainability worldwide. The life changing experience of a safari in Tanzania with his Mother and Wife in January 2007 added to Grant’s passion to found Earth Protect. The phenomenal growth of social networking combined with the power of film lead to the Founding of Earth Protect as a social conscious for profit company in August 2007 with a mission to tell the stories of people and organizations that are protecting the Earth through its video focused web site, and its film division, founded in 2010.

Grant invited Dr. Carol Barbeito, a recognized expert in leading and managing organizations, to become President and Managing Director of Earth Protect, Inc. Carol has 36 years of executive experience, is a published author on management topics and has experience in building coalitions, networks and large databases. Together Carol and Grant form a powerful team which is supported by employees, contractors, colleagues, experts, Advisors, investors, Directors and friends and family. Earth Protect, Inc. was incorporated on August 8, 2007 in Colorado.

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