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Nonprofit Organizations

Through these nonprofit organizations that are Earth Protect’s resource partners, you can connect to others that share a concern about the environmental issues you care about.

You can easily participate in helping them achieve their missions through their programs, volunteering and making donations. We are proud to introduce you to them and encourage you to learn about them. Get involved, it's your world.

Disclaimer for Nonprofits
Earth Protect does not officially guarantee that any of the nonprofit organizations referenced on the Earth Protect website are suitable for support or engagement. If you desire to support, financially or otherwise, any of the organizations referenced on the Earth Protect web site, it is your responsibility to conduct due diligence and make your own determination as to the suitability of that organization for your support.

Thank you for your interest in and involvement with the Earth Protect community.

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Global Volunteer Network Foundation

Global Volunteer Network Foundation works with community based organizations around the world to assist them in their development goals. Currently we have partner organizations in Peru, Nepal, Vietnam, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa and Haiti. The funds we distribute to our partners go to support vulnerable and orphaned children, women’s empowerment and emergency relief situations.

To date we have raised over a million dollars for our various partner initiatives. We raise funds primarily through two major fundraisers. Each year we hold a variety of treks/hikes through the most stunning places on Earth. Currently we offer trips to Machu Picchu, Peru; Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania; Mount Everest Base Camp, Nepal and a 500 mile + Bike Ride through Vietnam. Each participant donates at least $2,000 to a large scale development project in that region. The funds go to support children in orphanages and schools in the region. After the mountain top is reached the participants of our treks go and meet the children their funds will assist.

Our second fundraiser is our annual ‘Eat So They Can’ Event. One weekend a year, in October, we ask individuals from around the world to host an event, brunch, lunch or dinner party. Each host invites their friends and family to donate towards one of GVN Foundation’s causes (women’s empowerment, orphaned and vulnerable children and emergency relief). If a host raises $500 or more they win an expense paid trip to Africa to help us distribute the funds to our programs abroad!

The GVN Foundation's vision is to support the work of charitable organizations around the world that assist children, women and the environment. Currently our focus is children. We are working in countries around the world to end child poverty. Join us as we raise money to help children around the world break free from poverty.
Key programs & initiatives
Eat So They Can- of Eat So They Can, the movement that is committed to helping children and women across Africa, Asia, and South America break the poverty cycle. Sign up to host your own dinner and choose to support one of our important causes: Orphaned and Vulnerable Children, Women's Empowerment, Emergency Relief, or Anti-Trafficking. Treks- The Global Volunteer Network (GVN) offers you the opportunity to have the adventure of a lifetime and help communities in need by joining our socially conscious fundraising treks.
1. Join a GVN trek team to Mt. Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu, or Everest Base Camp or a Bike Tour of Vietnam.
2. Have the adventure of a lifetime.
3. Meet and visit with the children your funds will be assisting.

Ethiopia- Our partner in Ethiopia is a non-profit organization founded by a diverse group of Ethiopian youth working to provide support to the underprivileged in urban and rural Ethiopia. Assist the GVN Foundation in helping to support this amazing program which offers initiatives that include education, basic provisions for the street kids in Addis Ababa; prevention measures to stop the spread of HIV / AIDS in rural Ethiopia; and care and support to HIV/AIDS patients and orphans.

Kenya - Our partner works with over 60 schools and orphanages in and around Nairobi. Assist GVN Foundation as we work to provide funding to needy children in 5 very special orphanages and schools in Kenya.

Nepal- Our two partners in Nepal work to assist disadvantaged children and victims of sexual assault in and around the kathmandu valley.

Peru- Our partner works with an orphanage outside of Cusco that looks after about 17 orphaned girls and boys. Assist GVN Foundation as we work to provide these children with a new, model orphanage and continued support for their education and medical care.

Philippines- Our partner in the Philippines seeks to help Filipino communities better their quality of life. They are based in Quezon City and work both in the marginalized communities of the capital Metro Manila and in Romblon, one of the Philippines’ poorest provinces.

South Africa- Our partner works with hundreds of children young adults and families in rural South Africa and surrounding communities to facilitate education projects and community development activities.

Romania- The Tanner Mission has been providing shelter and love to abandoned children and young adults for the past 20 years. Within the last two years, however, economic pressures have caused the cost of living to almost double, forcing the Tanner Mission to face the very real possibility of having the close the program.

Tanzania- Our partner in Tanzania focuses on breaking the poverty cycle in a particular slum region in Tanzania through education. Their mission is 'Watoto Kwanza' - a swahili slogan meaning 'children come first'. They aim to give children priority to over-come their individual hurdles to gain a better start in life.

Uganda- Our two partners in Uganda work to provide disadvantaged communities and children with resources and an education

Vietnam- Our partner in Vietnam works with disadvantaged children in orphanages in Da Nang, Tam Ky and Tuy Hoa in Central and South Central Vietnam.

Rwanda- We are proud to announce that we have recently partnered with Faith Victory Association in Rwanda. Faith Victory Association works with the local community and all stakeholders to put in place mechanisms that eradicate poverty, that promote public health and that build capacity of women and children.
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Africa, Asia, South America
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