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Nonprofit Organizations

Through these nonprofit organizations that are Earth Protect’s resource partners, you can connect to others that share a concern about the environmental issues you care about.

You can easily participate in helping them achieve their missions through their programs, volunteering and making donations. We are proud to introduce you to them and encourage you to learn about them. Get involved, it's your world.

Disclaimer for Nonprofits
Earth Protect does not officially guarantee that any of the nonprofit organizations referenced on the Earth Protect website are suitable for support or engagement. If you desire to support, financially or otherwise, any of the organizations referenced on the Earth Protect web site, it is your responsibility to conduct due diligence and make your own determination as to the suitability of that organization for your support.

Thank you for your interest in and involvement with the Earth Protect community.

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The World Federation for Coral Reef Conservation

The World Federation for Coral Reef Conservation core values are of excellence, relevance, integrity, teamwork, and accountability.

In developing and sustaining our priorities, we have sought the advice of experts in the field and stakeholders that represent the broad community of individuals and organizations with marine interest. Their regular and frequent input helps us sustain a dynamic and flexible view of issues through the eyes of our various coastal constituencies.

Based upon this input, The World Federation for Coral Reef Conservation is the model for data and information sharing, research, education, and outreach for our conservation programs. These priority areas cross-cut a number of concerns both environmentally and for conservation efforts.

Houston, TX, P.O. Box 311117, USA, 77035
The mission of The World Federation for Coral Reef Conservation is to advance the understanding, use and conservation of coral reefs through an integrated program of excellence in data gathering/sharing, education, and outreach built upon active and long term partnerships with divers, conservationist, the science community and local island governments and stakeholders. The broad objectives are aimed at developing this effort and sustaining the same effort for long term. These objectives are used to set goals that are attainable based on the following criteria.

All activities must satisfy three major criteria:
1. Be based on a strong rationale,
2. Demonstrate scientific merit as determined by national experts in the field, and
3. Produce application-oriented results that are clearly useful in industry, management and/or science.
Key programs & initiatives
Program #1 “The Best Practice for Oil Spill Cleanup Program”
Program #2 “The Worldwide Coastal Network”
Program #3 “Land Based Threats Program”
Program #4 “Long Term Diver Participation Program”
Program #5 “Coral Credit Program”
Program #6 “Standardization of Aquatic Data Program”
Program #7 “Adopt a Reef Program”
Program #8 “Outreach for future generations Program”
Geographic scope
Underserved nations in the Equatorial Region between the Tropic of Cancer to Tropic of Capricorn
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