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Posted by on in Environmental Heroes
  By Elizabeth Lee After 50 years of sitting in the National Geographic archives, 100 hours of footage on Jane Goodall and her groundbreaking observations of chimpanzees in the African forest of Tanzania have been compiled into a documentary film. The documentary titled "Jane" star...
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Posted by on in Climate Change
Scientists with the British Antarctic Survey now believe that the fracturing of the Larson C ice shelf from the polar cap is imminent, after a rift in the shelf grew vertiginously in the last month of 2016.   The thread connecting Larson C to the rest of Antarctica is now just more than 65,600...
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Posted by on in Climate Change
This may confirm suspicions that many of us have already had. Besides leading the world in consumer debt and military spending, the U.S. can now add climate denial to that list. That is, according to aGlobal Trends survey by the U.K.-based market research firm Ipsos MORI. Th...
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