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Posted by on in Food
Brazil's largest grocery chain has pledged to stop selling beef produced on deforested land in the Amazon rainforest in what campaigners say is a victory for the environment and human rights. Food retailer Pão de Açúcar also promised to stop buying beef produced by workers living in slave-like cond...
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Posted by on in Agriculture
Uncertainty over a new US Farm Bill is likely over as the House of Representatives, in a bipartisan move, passed the Agricultural Act of 2014. The Senate still has to approve it but the bill is expected to pass through smoothly. An earlier version of this bill passed the Senate in 2012 but...
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Posted by on in Ocean/Seas/Coastlines
It may not be immediately apparent what jellyfish, human population growth and our protein diet have in common. Take a closer look, though, and all three offer warning signs that dramatic changes are on the horizon for us and our planet. For aquarium fans, jellyfish are enchanting; for fishermen th...
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