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Posted by on in Climate Change
SHERYL DEVORE LAKE COUNTY NEWS-SUN APR 16, 2020 The pandemic and climate change During the coronavirus pandemic, people are using their cars and flying in planes less, and that translates to less-polluted skies and healthier air. Indeed, copious photos can be found showing skies before the pandemic...
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Posted by on in Climate Change
To rousing cheers and tears of relief, envoys from 195 nations approved Saturday an accord to stop global warming, offering hope that humanity can avert catastrophic climate change and usher in an energy revolution. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius ended nearly a fortnight of gruelling UN neg...
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Posted by on in Oil Spill
Anyone looking to help with the cleanup efforts of the massive Santa Barbara oil spill, finally has the opportunity to lend a hand. After being turned away for days, members of the public can now register online for volunteer training sessions to help with the cleanup as long as they...
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Posted by on in Wildlife Conservation
Chimpanzees will take part in a vaccine experiment that, for the first time, aims to help chimpanzees. Researchers at the New Iberia Research Center, a branch of the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, plan to inoculate six chimpanzees with a vaccine against Ebola, which is decimating wild ape popul...
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Posted by on in General Environment
So why would Apple hire her? Rago suggests that Apple executives, who are being dragged in front of congressional committees for obeying tax laws and making money, might think bringing Jackson on board would insulate them from the political attacks. At the Washington Examiner, Tim Carney a...
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