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Solar Panels of the Future

solar_and_sunThe TV – Apparently TVs can be employed for other purposes than indulgent entertainment.

The thin covering on flat screen TVs that protects the appliance from moisture may just be the latest breakthrough in solar energy; this film can be used to create contemporary solar panels that are easier to install and pay for than the original version of solar panels.

Traditional solar panels that have been installed on rooftops up until now are extremely rigid and do not cover some hard-to-reach areas. Unlike their predecessors however, these new, flexible solar panels – known as building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPVs) – will not only make more efficient use of unused rooftop energy resources, but will also be relatively less expensive and last for over 20 years.

Alternative energy sources are becoming increasingly valued. Many people have been hesitant to invest in solar panels, but this innovation would put their nerves at ease: Not only will BIPVs help reduce our impact on the environment, but they will also be a cheaper option than previous solar panels. In today’s economy, both of these features are incredibly important. Although they are still in the works, flexible solar panels are anxiously awaited.

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