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Please Help Our Community Reduce The Use of Plastic Shopping Bags

"We the people here in Boise, Idaho have strong family and community based views and values.  We love and care for our children and the community in which we live with a deep passion." - Corey S. Godfrey

Idaho is one of the few states that still has vast amounts of natural beauty to admire and appreciate, and we highly intend on keeping that way.

We love to look around the "treasure valley" and see our children playing in the beautiful litter  free  parks while we take  walks down the gorgeous  pathways we have around town, as well as our beautiful "greenbelt".

Part of our pride is how clean and truly beautiful it is every day we step out of our doors into the world we are so gracious for.

Please help us keep our community and mother nature "naturally beautiful". It is our responsibility to take care of what we have been given.

To help keep our community  litter  and plastic bag free,  we have started this petition to show the support of not only our community  but the world, to help begin the drastic reduction of using  plastic shopping bags in our community and the rest of this beautiful earth.

The facts are out there for you to read. The truth, the statistics and the  numbers are absolutely alarming!  These bags are slowly destroying our world along with our families health!

Believe it or not folks,  we truly can make a difference!

There are many other cities and other countries that have already taken serious action  and have saved thousands of lives, as well as created millions of dollars in revenue for their economy and businesses.

There are so many different ways that this can help the people of our communities as well as the environment.

"the time is now friends!"

Let us take a stand on this together.  Ones voice is heard,  but thousands of voices roar! We can be heard fellow Idaho family members, and friends across the lands.

"this may seem a small step, but a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step."

Please speak up and sign our petition. Take a stand for your community and for your families. Our children need us! They deserve to have their health along with a clean environment passed on to them. I promise they will greatly appreciate what we will leave for them to enjoy with their friends and families, "a beautiful and healthy community". They truly deserve it.

With our warmest regards to you and your families.
Your community thanks you so very much,
"b.y.o.b.b." ~  bring your own bags Boise.

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