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Look up at your ceiling and what do you see? Is that a dirty old light bulb hanging from your ceiling? I KNOW you have been thinking with your peace necklace and your ‘no war for oil’ bumper sticker that maybe you should replace that dang thing with a CFL.

It’s understandable. I mean think about it. That light bulb up there still works. Why replace it? Why? Why? Why bother?

Well there are a myriad of reasons. The main one being, you want to. You want to rush out to your local grocer or pharmacy and just stock up. Just unload the wallet and load up on beautiful, long-lasting, climate sustaining, power saving, happy making, bright shining, conversation starting, CFL light bulbs. If you did not want to be the change you want to see in others you most likely would not be reading this right now.

The world is changing. There is a new president in the United States that promises a new lease on the environmental impacts of climate change and the human response resulting. I could reword that last sentence in a manner that is syntactically correct but I refuse! The environment does not wait for syntactical correctness!

There are always skeptics to new things and I admit, I was once a skeptic too. I mean, a cheap light bulb that works longer than your average incandescent. Scary stuff. Certainly nothing an Amish American would approve of-but you. If you are reading this right now you most likely are not Amish.

Darn I guess you can’t use that excuse. For most people the excuse is the same as maybe their excuse for why they have not quit smoking yet or why they skipped that AA meeting. I’m going to quit after my last pack…of light bulbs.

Come on people! If the light bulb stays up, it will continue to emit its evil toxins and all that money you are saving by not throwing away that old pack of incandescent bulbs will only fund the destruction of your air and your wallet. You are breathing in incandescent gases…right now. Greenhouse gases, are in your house which means they are in your lungs which means…you could DIE!

Yep. Die

It’s probably not that extreme-you won’t die by turning on your light switch(phew!-right). Think about this though; your light bulbs combined with the light bulbs of your neighbors, and your neighbors’ neighbors, and your neighbors’ neighbors’ neighbors’ only means that well, your entire community around you are continuously wasting energy and putting more heat in the atmosphere.

Even businesses are being forced to foot the bill. In downtown Santa Monica last week, an entire block of the strip was forced to shut down for rolling blackouts. Getting work off is nice; not being able to pay the rent on your restaurant is not. Just imagine if the businesses on Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica were using CFL light bulbs? Would have saved that block all the trouble. That place has hundreds if not thousands of people visit its attractions every couple hours. If the power goes out people go home and if people go home businesses don’t make money and if business don’t make money, Third Street Promenade is no longer the wonderful shoppers attraction it should be.

For me, I’ll tell you my fear. Don’t laugh at me okay? I don’t know what CFL stands for……

THAT’S RIGHT I SAID IT! Okay, I didn’t know what it stood for. Then I went here and it all made sense. It stands for Compact Flourescent Lightbulbs. See that was not so hard. Wow I feel so much better.

Thank you internet.

Oh and guess which city is leading the way in CFL use? I hope this increases tourism. Barnstable, Maryland. Yep. I just love that. Barnstable…leadin’ the way in CFL use. It is just so beautiful. You think I’m being sarcastic but I’m not.

For more wonderful information just visit Yahoo’s 18 Seconds. It’s good stuff.





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