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Little Disasters

Oil spills don't just happen when drunk supertanker captains screw up. There are small spills all over waiting to happen.

I keep noticing this so I had to write about it.  Little tiny oil spills waiting to happen. There is one in my carport that I have to look at everyday. Someone who doesn't even live in my building anymore used to change his own oil. Which is fine, but when he was done he would put the used motor oil in old water jugs and never bother to take them to the oil recycling place. There are eight gallons of them and I've been staring at them for a year.

It's only a matter of time until the jugs fail and then it will be everywhere, and then it will rain and wash it all out to the sea. Then I will be surfing with my ex-neighbors used oil.

I kept thinking, someone will take care of this such as my landlord or the landscaping guy well no one ever did.  Which created a new problem. For some reason when some people see some trash or hazardous waste as the case may be, they feel like it must be lonely and needs some more trash or hazardous waste to keep it company.  I used to notice this phenomena on the side of mountain dirt roads where someone would dump a washer or other used appliance, then two years later is was like a junkyard there.  If you drive around your town you will notice these little micro-dumps all over, cans of paint, anti-freeze etc. The oil pile in my carport recently began getting friends from who knows where, so since no one else is dealing with it I will.

Sometimes I guess you just have to  it up and clean up after someone else because they aren't going to do it themselves. So today I am going to put these nasty looking jugs in the back of my own car an

d haul that  the proper place.




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