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2012 - Year of Sustainable Energy for All

Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations: "Energy is central to everything we do, from powering our economies to empowering women, from generating jobs to strengthening security. It cuts across all sectors of government and lies at the heart of a country's core interests.

Now more than ever, the world needs to ensure that the benefits of sustainable modern energy are available to all. Energy poverty is a threat to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. At the same time, we must move very rapidly toward a clean energy economy to prevent the dangerous warming of our planet.
This is why I launched our Sustainable Energy for All Initiative. The world is hungry for solutions to global challenges. This Initiative provides them on multiple levels. Taken in combination, these objectives will enhance equity, revitalize the global economy, and help protect the ecosystems that sustain us.
The Sustainable Energy for All High-level Group includes distinguished global leaders from around the world – business, finance, governments, civil society. It will mobilize a broad range of stakeholders who can catalyze commitments and form partnerships.
Together we can make sustainable energy for all a catalyst for lasting economic growth that benefits all people, gives opportunity to the poor and protects the planet. I invite you to be part of this initiative."

2012 has been declared as the 'International Year of Sustainable Energy for All' by the UN.

Sustainable Energy for All is an initiative launched by the United Nations Secretary-General and guided by his High Level Group that brings all key actors to the table to make sustainable energy for all a reality by 2030.

Developed countries face the combined challenge and opportunity of transforming existing infrastructure, and developing countries have the opportunity to adopt cleaner, more efficient technology from the start.

These three objectives reinforce each other in many instances, and achieving the three together will power opportunity, maximize development benefits and help stabilize climate change.

Objective 1. Ensure UNIVERSAL ACCESS to modern energy services.

1.3 billion people — one in five globally — lack electricity. 40% of the world's population rely on wood, coal, charcoal, or animal waste to cook their food.
energy access

Objective 2. Double the global rate of improvement in ENERGY EFFICIENCY.

    Energy efficiency—getting more from our existing resources— increases global resource productivity, supports economic growth, and reduces costs for all citizens. Investing in energy efficiency creates jobs, fosters economic growth and improves energy security for countries that lack domestic fossil fuel resources.
energy efficiency

Objective 3. Double the share of RENEWABLE ENERGY in the global energy mix.

    Energy from renewable resources is inexhaustible and clean. Renewable energy currently constitutes 15% of the global energy mix. The costs of technologies to capture that energy are rapidly falling and becoming economically competitive with fossil fuels, while reducing the risk of climate change.
renewable energy



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