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How Increasing Alternative Energy Production Affects the Valve Manufacturing Industry

As the world embraces renewable energy sources, manufacturing must adjust to produce the equipment necessary to harness those sources and turn them into usable power.

Alternative Energy Development is a Win-Win Opportunity

Investment is now heavily in favor of alternative energy production, and this trend is expected to grow in the decades ahead as worldwide demand increases. The returns on the investment will continue to be cleaner energy, the reduction of human impact on climate change and tremendous accumulated savings. Everyone wins!

Why Alternative Energy Makes Sense

There are tremendous benefits in every sector from the development of clean energy sources such as solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass, hydrogen, geothermal and ocean energy. Declining renewable energy technology costs allow the money invested to go further, and this, along with strong demand, is spurring tremendous job growth in these industries. This is occurring as job numbers are falling sharply in fossil fuel energy sectors. More people are now employed in renewable energy than in oil and gas.

Since renewable energy sources are readily available the world over and the equipment necessary to make use of it is becoming more affordable, parts of the world with insufficient energy will soon have it. The resulting benefits for health, security, communication, education and many other fields important to human wellbeing are broad and exciting.

How the Valve Industry Will Play an Important Role in Alternative Energy


This infographic shows how the valve industry will be impacted and how it must respond to the growing global opportunities presented by alternative energy. Valve technology is being adapted for use in the production of every type of alternative energy. Equipment used globally to produce traditional, fossil fuel-derived electricity must be modified for use with renewable energy sources.

In solar thermal power plants, valve design is being modified to maintain superior, dependable performance despite the extreme temperatures and the corrosive, abrasive molten salt used. Valves employed in hydrogen energy must be produced with the utmost care in every step, from design to manufacturing, due to the volatile nature of hydrogen. Precision is paramount, and there is no margin for error. A valve that does not seal as it should has the potential to leak and lead to an explosion.

Finally, high-quality control valves are essential to safe, efficient geothermal energy in all three major types of production.

Keeping Up with Demand, Making the World a Better Place

The global demand for alternative energy exploration and production capabilities hasn’t yet peaked. Manufacturers must continue to invest in research, design and development of the equipment and parts needed to make the most of these renewable energy sources for the good of the planet and all its people.

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