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Creating a sustainable Thanksgiving celebration: Q&A with the experts

October 14, 2021 Dirce Guerra

Q&A with the experts

Thanksgiving is a day about harmony and love surrounded by that those that we love.

Many people will travel long distances to join family and friends for this joyous celebration. However, many tend to forget a valuable aspect of this day, and that is love and gratefulness to our planet.

Americans produce 25 million tons of garbage between Thanksgiving and NewYear’s holiday. That’s a lot of waste that damages the health of our planet, our only home.

In this Q&A we reached out to experts to give us their valuable insight on how to reduce waste and make this festive day more sustainable.

Keep reading and find out how to fully enjoy Thanksgiving while being kind to our planet as well.

Cleaning and Prepping

 When getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner or cleaning afterwards, what are the top 3 eco-friendly cleaning utensils everyone should have? Thanksgiving is one of our favourite holidays of the year, bringing families together for a feast with everyone playing their role in the kitchen…and there are some fantastic eco friendly tools and utensils to ‘green’ our kitchens this year! Number 1: reusable baking liner. A fantastic way to eliminate the aluminium foil and paper parchment from your baking routines, by swapping to a silicone, non-stick baking matt thats washable and reusable again and again without the waste. Number 2: organic bamboo spatula. Our favourite brand is Bambu. They are made sustainable, look fantastic in your kitchen, and made to last. Our favourite ones even come with a little ‘rest’ at the end to keep the messy part of your spatula off the work top. Number 3: Wooden tongs. Whether were searing our veggies or frying our halloumi, our wooden kitchen tongs are a fantastic, plastic-free alternative towards a more sustainable way of cooking in the kitchen.

– Ricky | Friendly Turtle


What type of dishware do you recommend for a festive occasion like Thanksgiving dinner where you’re serving a lot of people but want to reduce waste and pollution? There is nothing more simple than using what you already have! Less waste and sentimental. You can make everyday plates more special by adding simple touches such as a sprig of rosemary or beautiful napkins.

– Elleni Pearce | Lenzo Food

What are some sustainable ways to wrap leftovers? After years of trial and error and testing lots of different methods, I found that the most effective and sustainable way to store leftovers is the beeswax wrap. Usually made from cotton and beeswax (and some, like SuperBee’s, with a few additional ingredients like coconut oil and tree resin for extra cling), these wax wraps wrap around bowls of leftover food or, say, pumpkin halves, just like plastic cling wrap. What makes them sustainable, however, is that you can reuse wax wraps for up to two years. After you’ve finished the leftovers, simply rinse the wrap in lukewarm water and give it a gentle scrub, and after you’ve let it dry, you can use them over and over again. Another benefit of beeswax wraps is the beeswax’s natural antibacterial properties, which help you keep your food fresh for longer than traditional plastic wrap.

– Antoinette Jackson, founder of SuperBee | Superbee

Gifts and Shopping

 What are some eco-friendly ways to wrap presents while making it festive and pretty? In the U.S., we spend about $13 billion a year on single-use gift wrap. Thing is, it’s really easy to make your own. Try paper bags, newspaper, butcher paper, or packaging from something you order. It’s an easy way to upcycle existing material into truly unique presentations. Want to learn more about making the holidays more sustainable? Avocado has more tips here.

John Davies, Avocado’s Brand Editorial Director | Avocado Green Mattress


How to make your Thanksgiving celebrations greener? Did you know that household waste between thanksgiving and New Year’s increases by more than 25%? Shocking isn’t it. We already waste a vast amount of food in a world where millions experience food insecurity including 49 M in the US. So plan your Thanksgiving to have less waste by buying only what you need, and select products with reduced or recyclable packaging. You can make a difference by taking these small steps.

– Carol Barbeito, Ph.D., President | Earth Protect

During this festive season it’s important to expand harmony beyond the people that we love, and have sustainable considerations for our lovely planet.

With these helpfull tips you’ll be able to fully enjoy this holiday season in a harmonious and sustainable way.

Dirce is a writer and life explorer, interested in reading, thinking, and drinking ginger tea. She has an insatiable thirst for learning, which is why she spends endless hours reading about everything. When not working, you can find her resting on a hammock, or doing yoga.



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