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Jimmy Gets the Last Laugh…
If He Was That Kind of Guy - Fuel economy rates for America’s cars are at 1970s levels – 12-14 miles per gallon. President Carter didn’t have alternative fuels to work with at the time, but he did impose fuel standards for cars that averaged 28.5 mpg – a significant improvement over the 12 mpg average when the fuel crisis started during his tenure.

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Alternative Forms of Fuel
Riding your bike
Walking your feet

Fair trade is a market-based, and some say marketing approach that helps producers in developing countries receive a fair and equitable trade for their goods. Fair trade advocates higher wages and prices to reviewed producers along with higher social and environmental standards.

Most may think of coffee when they hear Fair Trade, but in truth you can find Fair Trade:
• Crafts and jewelry
• Cotton
• Tea, coffee and chocolate
• Wine
• Sugar
• Fruit
• Bananas
• Flowers
• Honey
• Gold

Find out why Fair Trade matters. Plus, two countries successfully incorporating Fair Trade into their economy.
Fair Trade – The Story

Going Bananas in Ghana

Fair Trade Cotton in Cameroon

The Big Swap
And here’s a big idea from Fair Trade – make a conscious effort to swap out your normal goods for Fair Trade goods. Just look for their seal.
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Fair Trade Fashion - Hardly Hogwarts
Harry Potter star, Emma Watson, has found her cause in creating Fair Trade fashion for Britan’s teenagers. Check out Emma and her behind the scenes peak at her collection.
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Alternative Fuels Day - October 3rd
It’s heartening to know so many engineers and scientists are working on the alternative energy issue. But even engineers have their limit with government dragging their feet. Recently 11 engineering organizations across the world (minus the U.S.) issued a statement that alternative energy is NOT an engineering problem and that it’s time for government to substantially support alternative energy policy to make global change. Engineers – we second that motion!

Engineers: We have all the tech we need to cut carbon




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