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Economy/Environment, Gulf Spill A Sad Lesson to Learn

Louisiana, Florida and other Gulf Coast states face worse that thought environmental damage as the estimates of how much oil is spilling rise, the latest estimate is as much as 40,000 barrels!!! a day. Moody Investors Services site unemployment, tempered in the short term by clean up jobs but a long term problem, as one economic impact. Credit ratings maybe cut for Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida due to tourism declines. While BP has set up funds in the millions to help states pay for clean up and promote tourism, that does not seem to negate that the health of the environment is tied to economic health.

The sooner we begin to calculate the environment as part of economic formulas the better. Its been a long time since Amory Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute, wrote Natural Capitalism, its way overdue for all of us to realize the truth of our dependence for quality of life and economic sustainability. What do you think, write comments Please.

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