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About Earthprotect

Earth Protect lets you find and share videos and films on environmental issues and solutions, and learn more about how you can get involved. The result will be people and their organizations worldwide becoming aware, informed and committed, as they are empowered to take action to protect the Earth and achieve a sustainable and healthy environment.

welcome to earth protect!

Earth Protect Mission

Inspire, through video and digital media, the global adoption of cultural, environmental and economic solutions for a restorative future.

3 year Vision

By 2015, Earth Protect is the trusted resource that inspires millions of people to implement solutions for a sustainable future.


  • Earth Protect conducts its business in environmentally responsible ways.
  • Earth Protect seeks stakeholders and colleagues who conduct their enterprises in environmentally responsible ways.
  • Earth Protect pursues its mission in a collegial manner.
  • Earth Protect engages forward thinking people in its cause, respecting them and their contributions.

Through Earth Protect’s Site

  • People will find solutions leading to a restorative future.
  • People will join a community dedicated to creation and sharing of videos and blogs on the cultural, economic and environmental sustainability, sharing and learning from others.
  • People can be connected to our nonprofit partners focused on sustainability missions and providing many opportunities for involvement.
  • People will find green businesses from which they can obtain needed services and goods.

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