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Why All The Bees Are Dying


Bee population around the world have collapsed. Now scientists are scrambling to find out why. Anthony has a list of the possible causes, and the threat this poses to food supplies worldwide.

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Winter Loss Survey 2012 -- 2013: Preliminary Results
"Preliminary survey results indicate that 31.1% of managed honey bee colonies in the
United States were lost during the 2012/2013 winter."

Honey Constituents Up-Regulate Detoxification and Immunity Genes in the Western Honey Bee Apis Mellifera
"As a managed pollinator, the honey bee Apis mellifera is critical to the American agricultural enterprise."

Honey Bees and Colony Collapse Disorder
"Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is a serious problem threatening the health of honey bees and the economic stability of commercial beekeeping and pollination operations in the United States."

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