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10 Rare Shark Species


There are nearly 400 species of sharks like frilled shark, tiger shark, megamouth shark, and megalodon Shark. Shark are in the top of animals in danger of extinction (endangered animals or endangered species). Although they are dangerous we would not like to see them in list of extinct animals. This video will shed light on ten rare shark species.
10 Angel Shark.
The first type of rare shark that we are going to mention on our list of ten rare shark species is called the Angel Shark. It must be noted here that the Angel shark is a highly endangered species and although at the beginning of the 20th century, this shark was in abundance, it has now become devastatingly rare. There was a survey to judge how many Angel Sharks could be captured through Trawl.
9 Goblin Shark.
The most recent sighting of the Goblin shark was in the Gulf of Mexico. What makes this shark unique from the others is the oddly disfigured head that it naturally has along with a long beak like snout which is much longer than that of other sharks. What you might find even more amazing is that the Goblin shark hunts by using its electro-sensitive organs to determine where its prey is.
8 Dumb Gulper Shark.
This one is also known as Centrophorus Harrissoni as far as it biological name is concerned. This again is a very rare species of sharks and its existence is in critical danger. The reason it is also known as a deep sea dogfish is that it can see at 820 to 1260 feet underwater. To help the shark achieve this milestone, nature has bestowed huge green eyes upon the fish.
7 Indonesian Speckled Carpet Shark.
Is it only us or would that name have sounded a lot better had it been Afghani Speckled Carpet Shark since Afghans are known for good carpets you know, no pun intended. Anyway, as the name indicates, it is found dwelling in Indonesian waters and it feeds on crustaceans at night whereas the shark hides in hidey holes through the day.
6 Birdbeak Dogfish Shark.
As you can tell by the name, the birdbeak shark is distinguished due to its bird-like beak like snout, as weird as that sounds. The beak might remind you of the Goblin shark but that is the only thing it has slightly in common with the goblin shark. This dogfish specializes in the ability to live in deep waters.
5 Frilled Shark.
Next up in our list of the most rare species of sharks we have the Frilled Shark. Despite the fact that this shark species is very rare, it is found in most of the oceans in the world meaning thereby that the species is not particular to one region. What makes this type of shark unique is their overall physique. As you can see, these sharks are like slithery slimy animals and one look at it will make you think of an extremely hideous version of a lizard or a snake. br style="font-family: Rob

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