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Who Cares About Climate Change?


Ninety-seven percent of qualified climate scientists say that the Earth is getting hotter and humans are to blame. Yet in the United States, at least, large segments of the population continue to think that global warming doesn’t exist, or that it's part of a natural cycle. 

Some blame the media for the disconnect, or the public figures who deny climate change. Others say it’s because global warming is often seen as a distant threat — rather than the cause of dramatic storms, rising sea levels and ever-creeping global temperatures. 

VICE News sits down with climate scientist Heidi Cullen to discuss why it's so hard to get people to care about climate change and what can be done to help people understand its impacts.

Scary global...
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Obama on Climate...
(Media / Obama on Climate Change 2013)

This is the headline of his inaugural address. There is no way to back down from this bold


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