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Rise For Climate, Jobs and Justice


The Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice event in Eugene, Oregon on September 8, 2018 combined solidarity between social justice organizations, indigenous rights and leadership, representation by elected leaders, music, dance, education, fun, and activism in the streets as a bold statement against the ravages being wrought on our precious Earth, and it's non-human inhabitants, by the fossil fuels industries. 100% Renewables is 100% possible, and together with tens of thousands of other marchers across the USA and around the world, we demand a firm commitment to a just transition to a clean energy future for us and all future generations.

Formation of...
(Media / Formation of Fossil Fuels)


Scary global...
(Media / Scary global warming propaganda video shown at the Copenhagen Climate Meeting - 7 Dec. 2009)

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Food Population...
(Media / Food Population and Security - Water Climate and Society: Challenges in a Rapidly Changing World)



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