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A Brief History of Environmental Justice


Landfills, chemical waste facilities and power plants are more often built in poor and minority communities, which don't have the power or money to advocate for themselves. For decades, these communities have called for environmental justice: the idea that people shouldn't be forced to deal with more pollution because they belong to a certain race, national origin or income bracket. It's a simple notion, but America has struggled for decades to implement any policies that actually protect poor and minority communities from environmental toxins. Now, President Trump's budget seeks to end the Office of Environmental Justice and cut overall funding to the EPA by 31%. What will happen to the marginalized communities that most need a government advocate? Images: CNN, Fox News, MTV, AP, The EcoLogic Channel, José da Vede, Chicago Sun Times, St. Louis Public Radio, Leroy Woodson via The Atlantic, Frank J Aleksandrowicz via The Atlantic, Harry Shaefer via The Atlantic, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Julie Dermanksy, CBS News Music: “Climbing the Mountain” - Podington Bear “Falcon Hood Tight” - Podington Bear


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