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Posted by on in Wildlife Conservation
The Trump administration is systematically remaking U.S. policies toward public lands, moving aggressively to open protected areas for development – from the Boundary Waters of Minnesota, to the red rock country of Utah, to the nation’s largest national forest in Alaska. BY JIM ROBBINS ...
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Posted by on in Environmental Heroes
Nan Hauser, a marine mammalogist in the Cook Islands, thought she was being harassed by a 50-foot humpback whale on a dive off the island of Rarotonga. That was until she saw a dark figure swimming below, anyhow. The grey shape was so big — 20 feet long — she thought it must belong to a Cuvier...
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Posted by on in Solar
Green energy co-operatives are enjoying a renaissance in the Ontario power market. In several cities and towns in southern and southwestern Ontario you'll see large buildings or fields with solar-panel arrays, with some wind farms dotting the landscape. Often those projects are the creations of co...
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Posted by on in Green Design
A state-of-the-art clean solar energy system is helping Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC) protect endangered sea turtles at its new research station on Soropta Beach, Panama. Designed and installed by FTL Global Solutions (FTL), an innovator of lightweight, rugged energy systems ...
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