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Posted by on in Climate Change
All images courtesy of Eric Vanasse/UGallery In the "Losing Paradise" series, Canadian artist Eric Vanasse speculates on the figurative long-term consequences of climate change and habitat destruction. The thought-provoking collection of paintings pose important questions regarding t...
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Posted by on in Solar
Creative entrepreneurs, futurists, community members, and businesses have found innovative ways to utilize the sun’s energy that could lead to huge increases in access to clean and green electricity. As we saw during the first #PutSolarOnIt day of action on June 21, public support for solar po...
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Posted by on in Green Products/Services
You likely have heard the stories of the bankruptcies of Solyndra, Fisker Automotive and Evergreen Solar, heard about the green tech funds on Sand Hill Road that just didn't deliver and the less than rosy stock prices of clean energy companies that actually made it to an IPO ... So is green investin...
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Posted by on in General Environment
A unprecedented lightning storm recently hit Venice Beach, killing one and injuring at least 13 others. Unusual weather events like this could be evidence of our impact on the planet, and are not to be taken lightly. The person killed was only 20 years old, swimming in the water with no forewarning....
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Posted by on in Animals
  See how you can help save our beloved Gorillas so they can keep singing about putting limes in your coconuts: Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund: International Gorilla Conservation Programme
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Posted by on in Lakes/Rivers/Wetlands
A recent article on The National Geographic website titled Los Angeles River: Concrete Ditch to Urban Oasis tells us that a restoration plan has been made for the practically empty 51 miles that was once a river. Success for the city of angels, indeed! Make sure to read up on the plans, it is really...
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Posted by on in General Environment
Independence Day is one of block parties, barbecues, icy cold drinks, sparklers, noisemakers, fireworks, and therefore, a ton of trash. Here are a couple things to keep in mind before, during, and after your July 4th fun: 1. If you are going out in the wilderness, to a parade, or off to the beach, ...
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