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Posted by on in General Environment
Independence Day is one of block parties, barbecues, icy cold drinks, sparklers, noisemakers, fireworks, and therefore, a ton of trash. Here are a couple things to keep in mind before, during, and after your July 4th fun: 1. If you are going out in the wilderness, to a parade, or off to the beach, ...
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Posted by on in Climate Change
Butterflies and dragonflies with lighter colours are out-competing darker-coloured insects in the face of climate change.   In a new study published in Nature Communications, scientists from Imperial College London, Philipps-University Marburg and University of Copenhagen have shown that...
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Posted by on in Transportation
Baby Beetles Inspires Mini Boat Powered By Surface Tension Inspired by the aquatic wriggling of beetle larvae, a University of Pittsburgh research team has designed a propulsion system that strips away paddles, sails, and motors and harnesses the energy within the water's surface. The technique des...
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Posted by on in Animals
19,200 distinct species of bees have been mapped by the American Museum of Natural History! That is good news for farmers and all of us whose food and landscaping depend upon bees to make it happen. There has been a worry about collapse of honeybee colonies necessary to pollinate. Bees have more sp...
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