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Happy 4th of July! Stay Safe & Clean

Independence Day is one of block parties, barbecues, icy cold drinks, sparklers, noisemakers, fireworks, and therefore, a ton of trash. Here are a couple things to keep in mind before, during, and after your July 4th fun:

1. If you are going out in the wilderness, to a parade, or off to the beach, bring trash bags, and use them! It doesn't feel good to wake up in the morning, go to the beach, and see last night's debris floating in the water. Don't do it, you're harming the marine life, and you're harming yourself. 

2. Be careful where you shoot your fireworks. Fireworks can be toxic to humans and animals with all the chemicals inside them, and they definitely contribute to pollution, so please, keep them away from the water, plants, and of course, throw away the mess. 

3. If you're playing with fireworks, a bonfire, sparklers, or anything you might be igniting, make sure you have a fire extinguisher, hose, or buckets of water handy. The last thing you need to do today is start a forest or brush fire. My friends in dry climates such as myself, I'm looking at you especially. 

4. Many of us, as per many partying holidays, will be consuming alcohol. Alcohol is toxic to animals, and nobody likes empty cans and bottles scattered all over nature. Don't leave any empties behinds, and don't dump your leftovers outside! The animals will thank you. 

5. We know it's fun to make a mess, but why don't you have a mud fight or spray some of your friends with water instead of tossing confetti all over the place? If you absolutely must, at least choose a biodegradable material! 

Thank you all for being clean, green partying machines, and have an amazing, safe Fourth of July!



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