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Posted by on in Climate Change
Helen Davidson         As climate change pushes marine species towards cooler waters, and the fishing industry expands around the globe, the tropics are emptying out, a leading fisheries expert has warned. The federal government is expected to release its new management pla...
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Posted by on in Ocean/Seas/Coastlines
Aerosols are collections of fine particles, either biological or of other types, in suspension in a gaseous medium. They play a major role in cloud formation and therefore have a strong impact on climate models. They are however extremely hard to study due to the small size and immense variety of th...
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Posted by on in Earth Violators
More than two dozen striped dolphins were slaughtered in the fishing town of Taiji, according to conservationists. Sea Shepherd, who was in the area monitoring the activity, reported that the dolphins were herded into a cove with tarpaulin coverings to conceal the slaughter. The town of T...
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Posted by on in Ocean/Seas/Coastlines
Acidification of the Arctic Ocean is occurring faster than projected according to new findings published in the journal PLOS ONE.  The increase in rate is being blamed on rapidly melting sea ice, a process that may have important consequences for health of the Arctic ecosystem. Ocean...
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