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Why aren't we in more of a rush for solar energy?

Given the logic of solar power - renewable, inexhaustible, quiet - why is there not more push to develop it?

Wind power is renewable, but comes with safety, functionality, and aesthetic issues.  Hydro power creates another set of water relocation issues.  Nuclear is not a long term answer, and it's not certain we'll ever be able to harness the oceans.  Solar remains the one truly viable and sustainable source of energy.  The sun burns out in what, 5 billion years?

Perhaps the answer lies in the economics surrounding the fossil fuel economy, and our country's need to feed special interests, notably the farm and coal industries.

But with the added complication of global warming, fossil fuels continue to be impractical. Those hurricanes aren't getting any more gentle, and weather patterns continue to change our way of life.

What's more, fossil fuels are, after all, finite.  How many more years do we have before they run out - 200 years? 400? 600? Our civilization is but a blip in the history of the earth, and we threaten to have a preciously brief window of fossil-fuel powered society.

Why are we not more vigorous with the one renewable energy source that is free, abundant, and renewable?

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