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Earth Day 2013

Earth Day 2013

Earth Day is about us, our loved ones, our pets and wild animals, our trees, fish and flowers. Each person can make a difference by taking actions in their lives and organizations to live sustainably. Recycle, buy green products, conserve water, turn out lights and save energy, learn more from our 2800 videos and over 1500 blog articles. Read, learn, act for our Earth and ourselves.

Earth Day 2013 - The Face of Climate Change

The global theme for Earth Day 2013 is “The Face of Climate Change,” Earth Day Network announced today. Earth Day Network, the group founded by the organizers of the first Earth Day to coordinate the annual day of action that builds and invigorates the environmental movement, said that this theme was chosen because of the need to highlight the mounting impact of climate change on individuals around the world. read more...

Celebrate Earth Day Every DayEarth Day 2013

Watch the video on here.

The True Costs of Energy

by Jeffrey Bennett
One reason we use energy so lavishly today is that the price of energy does not include all of the social costs of producing it. 
- President Richard Nixon, 1971
Politics have turned upside down. As the quote from President Nixon reminds us, protecting the environment was once an issue on which Republicans led the way. Is there a way back to bipartisanship on protecting the future for our children and grandchildren? Yes, but it requires an attempt to quantify the costs alluded to in Nixon’s quote. read more...



The Desert Tortoise ConservancyThe Conservancy's mission is to insure that the desert tortoise does not become extinct, and that sustainable populations survive in the wild. TDTC will build awareness of the plight of the tortoise, care for the homeless, place the needy in nourishing environments, and support the acquisition and restoration of the species. read more...


Media Institute for Social ChangeSince 2006, MISC has been teaching public interest journalism and supporting independent media. We have successfully implemented a two-month summer program to teach college students how to produce professional-quality film documentaries. The program examines local solutions for global issues, and prepares students with creative and journalistic experience they can utilize to create change. For the past three years, MISC has hosted a Student Sustainability Film Festival. Students from across the country produce films that highlight steps their community is taking toward a sustainable future. read more...



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