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Posted by on in Food
It's hard to find the truth nowadays. Even in my interactions with friends and family, the line between fact and fiction can get a little blurry. One can only imagine how hard it must be, relatively speaking, to fathom what is really going on at Monsanto.  If you don't know who Monsanto is, do...
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Posted by on in Climate Change
High on the icy, windswept plateau of East Antarctica an international team of scientists is about to assemble a time machine. First stop: back to the era when Christ was born. If all goes well, the Australian-led team hopes to eventually retrace one-million years of atmospheric history by drilling...
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Posted by on in Agriculture
How many mouths will the world be feeding by 2050? It is an estimated 9.2 billion, up from 7 billion today. To keep pace with this growing population, global food production will need to increase by 70 percent. That means getting a lot smarter about how we raise crops. With 38 percent of the w...
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